Arena Animation, established in 1996 and widely accepted as one of the most esteemed institutions for education in media arts fields – drawing parallels with the overall growth story of the Media and Entertainment Industry in India; it is one of its first pioneers in providing programs tailored to train diverse talent at different stages from creation to distribution.

We look forward to investing in empowerment; while honing business skills imparted by Arena across industry verticals such as animation, computer graphic or visual effects, game design, web or interface design; recruitment management, and counseling services.

More than 20 years ago when an incipient entrepreneurial spirit was alive amongst today’s most creative industry veterans this service institution showed promising signs. Today we are proud holders of a 95% success rate having enabled 70+ diploma/degree course completers to find work opportunities globally.

Every few decades or so there’s an upheaval in the world of business. Industries rise, fall, and rise again when innovations replace old ones.

There has been a recent shift towards cutting-edge fields like Animation, VR/AR/MR Technology, 3D Printing, Virtual Reality (VR), Mobile Apps Development, and many more – all of which require experienced professionals from various backgrounds to thrive.

However, we at Arena Nagar India Pvt Ltd don’t just stand on the sidelines because we know that growing needs call for growth too.

With over 250 branches across India and 20 offices abroad providing services in Animation and other related fields since 1986 – Arena Nagar is one of the country’s most trusted providers of specialized talent.

We take care to always maintain our outstanding reputation through quality service delivery and employer satisfaction – something we’ve been doing successfully for over 12 years now!

“ If you want to be successful join hands with experts “

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