Web designing is a very exciting career choice! Web designers build cool & engaging websites with interactive pages and navigation. Web developers write code & setup software to add complex features & advanced functionalities to websites & portals.

A career in web designing is in great demand, around the world. Talented & well-trained web designers earn a very high salary, once they gain experience in the field.

Learn the technical skills of web designing, graphic art, digital & interactive designing, web programming languages, web standards and usability with Arena’s Web Design & Development Program.


  •  Fundamentals of Computer, Multimedia & Internet
  •  Concepts of Interface & Interaction Design
  •  Dreamweaver
  •  Flash Scripting & Interactivity
  •  Photoshop
  •  HTML
  •  Flash Animation
  •  Web Design Portfolio

Software* Taught

  •  Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended
  •  Adobe PageMaker & Quark Express
  •  Dreamweaver
  •  Action Script 3.0
  •  Adobe Illustrator CS3
  •  Adobe Flash Professional
  •  HTML