Our Strength

When it comes to technology, change is always happening. Companies around the world are turning to evolving technologies in order to improve customer relations, expand into new markets, and make their businesses more data-driven.

We at Arena-T.Nagar placing confidence in our experience have embarked on this initiative of “Virtual Creative Campus".

XperienceZone : Virtual Jallikkattu.We give life back to Komban a Virtual Bull…..

Bouquet of futuristic technologies which will rule the world by 2020
Virtual reality / Augumented Reality / Mixed reality

The results of London Technology Week 2016 identify healthcare as one of the key industries for change. Respondents predicted that they will no longer visit the doctor when they get ill but will instead consult their GP from home using virtual reality technology.

3D printers will be used to produce human organs, potentially removing the need for human donation.

The world's first cloned human will have been born by 2036.

Fashion-3D printed wearable garment– our regularly wear clothing will be connected to the internet within the next twenty years.

An estimated 52 million head-mounted VR displays will be in consumer and enterprise use in the US by the year 2020