Message From our Directors Desk

I have a dream . . .

Great dreams of great dreamers are always transcended. . .

Mahatma Gandhi dreamt of a free India when the country had remained enslaved for over three centuries. And today, we are living his dream… At a time when India could not build even world – class air carriers, the legendary APJ Abdul Kalam dreamt: Missiles are developed to strengthen the country. Today the ‘Space’, the ‘Moon’ and ‘Mars’ belong to India too.

I have a dream . . . the dream of building new India . . . the journey began . . .

Our Director seeks to promote awareness among student fraternity about various options in futuristic technologies and equip themselves to endeavour into achieving the dream of a secure career

Shri. M.Abul Hassan I.A.S. (R)
Shri. M.Abul Hassan I.A.S. (R)

Having rich experience in teaching he is a senior advisor for many research students. He believes that teaching is an art and it runs in his blood. For us in media & entertainment industry “The Godfather”, during his tenure as VC ,Animation has got its pride offering BSC in Animation in India.

Message From our CEO’s Desk

Mr.Iniyan completed his Engineering in University .

He does not aspire to change the world by himself rather he believes in sparking the young brains that will change the world.

He has the gift of saying the right thing in the right way.

He believes that ‘difficult things take time, impossible ones take a little longer’.

Twenty years ago mobile phones had huge aerials and drones were little more than science fiction.Yet, in another 20 years, robots could outnumber human beings, drones will deliver pizzas to our doors and doctors’ appointments could be conducted by virtual reality, according to a new survey.

Our clothes could also be permanently connected to the internet, flights into space could be routine and spare organs will be printed on demand. Future world is going to be on Big Data, AR, VR,Artificial Intelligence. The scope is to align with the current & Future industry evolution.

Sri.R.T.Sabapathy Mohan
M.ScM.PhilB.Ed M.A Ph.D
Former ViceChancelor, MSU
Sri.R.T.Sabapathy Mohan