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Job market

By 2020, the media & entertainment industry in India is expected to touch $4000 crore*. Film production studios, animation studios, ad agencies, web design agencies, and print & publishing companies require graduates for various job roles. You can work in these companies. With Arena, get job-ready in just 2 months!

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*Source: PWC report

Arena offers job training in:

Web designing

Design websites for top companies and online shopping portals! Learn the concepts of web design, layout design & illustrations for web, and create your own web design portfolio. You do not need drawing skills or design experience for this.
Get job-ready in: 4 months

Graphic Designing

Work on websites, online ads, and in print & publishing. Learn design & visualization for media, graphics & illustration, typography, and Image Magic with Photoshop CC. Exciting jobs are available for you.
Get job-ready in: 3 months


Grab job opportunities in leading film & VFX studios as a roto artist, with training in Silhouette & Fusion.
Get job-ready in: 2 months

3D Modeling with Max

With the right skills in 3D concepts – modeling to animation, digital painting, sculpting 3D models, lights, camera & materials, rendering with VRay, you can work in animation & VFX studios.
Get job-ready in: 3 months


Animation studios are looking for people like you! Get training in texturing 3D models, 3D concepts from modeling to animation & digital painting to find your job.
Get job-ready in: 3 months


There is a huge demand for rigging artists in the industry. Learn rigging, 3D techniques from modeling to animation, and introduction to Maya for these jobs.
Get job-ready in: 3 months

Broadcast Media Design

Get a job in TV channels or media outlets with skills in broadcast design, storyboarding, digital pre-production & post production, motion graphics, visual effects & compositing.
Get job-ready in: 5 months

Advanced Visual Effects

Create visual effects for films. Master techniques like colour correction & grading, green/ blue screen, and advanced compositing.
Get job-ready in: 5 months

3D Modeling with Maya

Animators are in demand! Learn the latest 3D concepts & tools – modeling, texturing, digital painting, animation, lighting & rendering, and Arnold Renderer for creative jobs.
Get job-ready in: 3 months


Create visual effects for films, ads & viral videos. Learn digital filmmaking concepts, digital painting & digital compositing.
Get job-ready in: 2 months

Lighting & Rendering

Animation industry is huge! Learn 3D concepts – modeling to animation, introduction to Maya, lighting 3D models, and rending with Arnold Renderer for your job in this field.
Get job-ready in: 3 months

3D Design & Animation

Get job skills in 3D animation & FX, pre-production, storyboarding, digital painting, lights, camera & materials, rendering with VRay, digital compositing & 3D printing concepts.
Get job-ready in: 5 months

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#Arena does not guarantee job placements. Job offers are at the sole discretion of recruiters.

Arena Advantage

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