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Easy accessibility of content via the Internet has increased the time that people spend online. This means, there will be continuing demand for content & ads in the digital space. Every company needs a team of professionals from digital content creators to web designers to do their digital marketing and promotion.

Arena’s Digital Advertising Design and Marketing (DADM), a comprehensive program provides you end-to-end training in digital designing and makes you job-ready.

  • Digital Advertising Concepts
  •  Typography Design
  •  Digital Artworks
  •  Digital Imaging
  •  Sound Composition
  •  Digital Video Techniques
  •  Design Communication Design Portfolio
  • Marketing Basics
  •  Internet Advertising with Search Network
  •  Search Optimization Techniques
  •  Creative Display Ad Solutions
  •  Marketing using Email – 1
  •  Mobile Marketing in Practice
  •  Introduction to Analytics
  •  Digital Marketing Portfolio